Our company as our name is much diversified. We have American and Bangladesh joint management who are very dynamic professionals. Who have expertise for more than 10 years in different sectors and excelled in their respective fields and here we have unified with diversity. Since Bangladesh is known as the highest exporter of RMG(Ready Made Garments) items and the world wide demand of RMG is soaring there could not be a better opportunity for us to utilize our resources and expertise and make the best use out of it. And as for our american connection they seen the market demand in the US and how often times the quality and price is sometimes compromised when garments are imported from China or other places in the world.

So we collaborated and formed our team to meet all of our unified objective that is to give quality garments with the most competitive rates available in the market. Also as an American to give service to the fellow american customers with the best rates possible. Even though our service will not be limited only to America!

Transparency, Integrity, meticulousness, punctuality is indispensable foundation of our profession as well as making sure there is no compromise with the morals and etiquette. We take our duties and responsibilities as trusts and we give it our all to uphold what we are entrusted with. It is the key driving force of our company. Striving until we reach the level of perfection in our own selves thus the outcome can be perceived in our works.