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Garment Manufacturing

We manufacture ready-made knit and woven garments according to your specs. We specialize in producing:

Quality Control

We have a dedicated merchandising and inspection team who are responsible for ensuring the quality of every garment that comes out of our production line are up to standards. Inspection is strictly executed in accordance with international export regulations.

Communication Flexibility

Our buyers are kept up to date on the progress of any ongoing orders at all times. We maintain an honest and transparent relationship with our buyers, with a highly flexible schedule to suits their convenience.

Apparel Sourcing

Our services include factory/vendor vetting and selection; effective communication with buyers; quality assurance at each step; and professional representation of buyers.

Apparel Manufacturing

Knitting/Weaving and Knit & Woven Fabric Dyeing Facilities. Our focus is on high quality stitching and finishing; timely deliveries; workplace compliance; and attaining international quality standards.